When Is the Best Time to Consider a Move to Senior Housing?


According to the American Health Care Association, almost one million adults in the U.S. live in assisted living communities. Assisted living communities can be beneficial for a wide variety of people, often providing a significant boost to any senior’s quality of life.

But how do you know when it’s the right time for you or a loved one to consider moving into senior housing?

Signs It May Be Time to Consider Senior Living

It’s often the best time to consider an assisted living community when you encounter certain signs. Some of those signs include:

  • Needing help with activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • Increasing forgetfulness
  • A need for socialization opportunities
  • A need for care coordination
  • Increased difficulty performing household chores

In general, when a person needs more help on a daily basis to comfortably and happily live, it may be time for a move.

Help with Activities of Daily Living

ADLs include mobility and hygiene, such as bathing, brushing teeth, and getting dressed properly. It also includes medication management, which can become increasingly difficult for seniors. Senior living homes offer help with all of these things and more.

Increasing Forgetfulness

Sometimes, it can be more difficult to remember things with age. Forgetting to take medications, change clothes, make doctor appointments, or even eat can become more common. If remembering daily tasks is proving to be a challenge, senior housing can be a helpful solution

A Need for Socialization

People of any age can benefit from an increase in socialization opportunities. This includes meeting new friends and being surrounded by others who share similar experiences. 

Senior living communities and homes offer activities designed to cultivate friendships and fun for residents, so if you or your loved one is lonely, bored, or both, a senior home may be the key.

A Need for Coordination of Care

It can easily become overwhelming to keep up with hospital stays, doctor visits, specialist appointments, and routine tests and exams. Between the costs and the transportation, it’s often stressful and confusing. Assisted living communities and senior homes coordinate care for their residents, lifting it all off their shoulders.

Increased Difficulty Performing Household Chores

Many people find it difficult to keep up with household chores, and seniors are no exception. If you find it’s becoming too taxing to tackle chores like vacuuming, laundry, cooking, and other household maintenance, a move to senior housing can be especially beneficial and convenient.

Is It Time to Move?

Senior homes are designed to ease the everyday burdens of residents and clear the way for fulfilling friendships and exciting lives during the golden years. If you find that many things are getting in the way of enjoying those retirement years, it may be a great time to consider moving to senior housing.

Are You a Procrastinator?


The Medical News Today (MTN) recently published an article exploring the various reasons we procrastinate. They say we all do it, such as putting off making a doctor appointment or paying a bill but for some people it can be a problem. The article looks at the downside of the habit as well as to see if there is an upside. It explains the changes in our brains, in our minds and what we can do to change the habit. 

Procrastinating occasionally is normal and typically doesn’t cause much disruption in our lives. However the problem becomes detrimental when it is habitual. Studies show approximately 20% of adults in the United States are chronic procrastinators, and also found high levels of procrastination in the workplace can have negative effects on employment duration and income. Habitual procrastinators also report higher levels of stress, anxiety and even sleeping problems. 

Sharon Greene, an LCSW specializing in treating anxiety and depression at Providence Saint John’s Child & Family Development Center in Santa Monica, CA, explains procrastination results from a struggle between a person’s limbic system and prefrontal cortex of the brain. She says the limbic system is an older part of the brain that is automatic and seeks out pleasure and/ or avoids things that cause distress, while the prefrontal cortex helps with planning, decision-making, and long-term goals. Other studies have found “people who often procrastinate have a larger amygdala, the part of the brain responsible for emotions, particularly negative ones.”

Certain conditions such as anxiety disorders, ADHD and depression can make it harder for people to determine the course they should take, resulting in habitual procrastination. Others with addictive tendencies may always wait until the last minute to finish a project or task seeking a “saving the day,” high. Experts say treating the symptoms of these various conditions, may help lessen the tendency toward procrastination. 

Experts say procrastination can be a good thing like when we put off a task to do something we enjoy. If it is a beautiful day, it may be more beneficial to get out and play a round of golf or picnic in the park with your loved ones, than sitting home finishing something that can be done tomorrow. 

If you are searching for senior housing in Rio Rancho, NM, we invite you to take a look at the MorningStar of Rio Rancho assisted living and memory care community. Conveniently located in the northern suburb of Albuquerque, we offer seniors a stylish, comfortable community in which to safely age in place. Visit our website for contact information and be sure to ask about our Move-in Specials.  

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Trusted Memory Care at MorningStar of Rio Rancho


Are you the adult child or spouse of someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia?  At MorningStar Assisted Living & Memory Care of Rio Rancho we understand the anguish and heartache that families go through seeing their beloved mom, dad, or spouse change before their eyes. 

If the diagnosis is recent, you are most likely wrestling with lots of questions including what will the future bring and who will be there to provide the level of care the person will probably need.  We hear you and want you to know our experienced team is here to help with holistic memory care that focuses on nurturing and supporting the essence of the individual regardless of the extent of the memory loss. 

MorningStar’s memory care revolves around comforting and caring for our most tender residents from the onset of the disease to the most advanced stages. We start with a physical space designed to enhance residents’ quality of life with safe, inviting common areas encouraging independence. Residents stay active with a gentle flow of activities including art, dance, physical exercise, special events, and scheduled outings.

Once a resident joins our MorningStar family, we sit down with them and their family to get to know as much as we can about them including their history, vocation, talents, and preferences. From there we create a daily routine designed to stimulate or calm as a situation requires. Residents are also treated to tempting meals consisting of finger foods and family-style dining for a stress-free, companionable dining experience. 

As dementia care specialists, our approach and philosophy to memory care is encompassed under the expanse of possibilities we call “Lavender Sky.”  All team members, regardless of their position, receive Lavender Sky training, which includes a deeper understanding of the disease and communication techniques to use with memory-impaired residents.  It also includes training in environmental safety and security as well as solutions to challenging behaviors.  For trusted senior housing in Rio Rancho, NM, contact us or visit our website for more information.

MorningStar of Rio Rancho proudly provides the very best in assisted living and memory care with our unique mission statement “to honor, to serve, to invest.” With a foundation built on honoring God, valuing all seniors and selecting staff with a felt calling to serve, we create a true home for residents amid a beautiful setting. Please contact us to learn more about the finest senior living in Rio Rancho, NM.

How Prices are Structured at MorningStar of Rio Rancho

Morningstar-rio-rancho-model2 (1)
At MorningStar of Rio Rancho, we regularly have questions about our community from area seniors and their family members.  FAQs include how our pricing is structured as well as availability.  In assisted living, fees are based on the level of care a resident requires.  For memory care residents, we offer all-inclusive pricing, which means suite rental and care, whatever the level of need, is one price.  

To calculate your level of need in assisted living, you and your family will meet with our Wellness Director and go over your medical history and personal preferences to create an individualized care plan.  This sets the basis of your Care Level (we have five) and your monthly fee accounts for the costs and time to provide the needed services.  These can include help with daily personal care activities (grooming, bathing, toileting, etc.) and medical assistance. 

If you are concerned the cost of assisted living may be too high for your means, we want to remind you that senior housing can be very cost-effective as there are many things you will no longer pay for out-of-pocket.  This includes the costs of your monthly utilities.  At MorningStar your monthly fee includes cable TV & utilities, laundry facilities, and three daily meals prepared under the direction of our Executive Chef.  In addition, we have scheduled transportation every week for rides to medical appointments as well as transportation to organized activities and cultural events.  

Assisted living residents also have access to a full-time licensed nurse and our loving 24-hour care staff.  Our wellness programs and activities engage and support our residents’ mental, physical, spiritual and social connections for a healthier, fuller life.

MorningStar’s mission is to provide the best senior living in Rio Rancho, NM, and the comfort and wellbeing of our residents are the foremost considerations for everything we do.  Our dedicated team, the heartbeat of our community, delivers service that represents the mission and philosophy of MorningStar Senior Living - honoring God and valuing seniors as gifted and contributing individuals. Please visit our website for more information.

MorningStar takes tremendous pride in the reputation we have earned for excellence and authenticity since our inception in 2003.  We believe the human capacity to grow, to learn and to contribute is ageless; and we act upon that truth daily, as we care for, inspire, and love the residents under our roof. Contact us to learn more about the finest senior living in Rio Rancho, NM.

Learn More About MorningStar of Rio Rancho


A highly respected senior housing company, MorningStar Senior Living has communities throughout the Western U.S. that are designed to be true homes for their residents.  MorningStar Assisted Living & Memory Care of Rio Rancho is one of four MorningStar communities in New Mexico.

MorningStar was started in 2003 based on unique mission statements, principles and philosophy.  As Ken Jaeger, founder/CEO of MorningStar explains, his intention was to create senior living that was “defined by the human touch. I wanted to re-create my grandmother’s house, a place where one can go and feel a sense of family.” 

Out of this vision, came three mission statements that still guide the way we deliver service to our residents:  Honor God in our business practices and relationships; Value all seniors as gifted and contributing individuals; and Invest generously in our team’s ability to serve well.  The name “MorningStar” was inspired by Mr. Jaeger’s contemplation of the bible and his commitment to relieve poverty around the world.  

However, while founded on a Judeo-Christian tradition; please know that we welcome and honor all faiths and worldviews in our communities, and are committed to meeting not only residents’ social, emotional, and physical needs but their spiritual ones.  In our pursuit of creating a loving home, honoring spiritual preferences is part of caring for the whole person. 

In addition, we recognize our mission is advanced by hiring team members who hold true to our core values of love, respect, honesty, fairness, goodness, and kindness.  They are the type of individuals who feel privileged to serve seniors and help us create the kind of culture we envision building – a Family for Life.   

Our all-inclusive community offers a dining service under the direction of an Executive Chef, a range of floor plans to meet our senior living residents’ varying needs, and onsite amenities and care services to provide carefree retirement years. Visit our website to see what sets our community apart from other senior housing Rio Rancho offers and why our residents are happy to call MorningStar “home.”

MorningStar takes tremendous pride in the reputation we have earned for excellence and authenticity since our inception in 2003.  We believe the human capacity to grow, to learn and to contribute is ageless; and we act upon that truth daily, as we care for, inspire, and love the residents under our roof. Contact us to learn more about the finest senior housing Rio Rancho has to offer.

Assisted Living at MorningStar of Rio Rancho

Morningstar-rio-rancho-massagerm (1)

Today’s assisted living is not just another term for a nursing home, which is intended for people who require skilled, around-the-clock medical care and supervision. Rather assisted living, the most popular and fastest growing long-term care option for older adults in the U.S., is designed for seniors who cannot get the help they need or afford while living at home or in an independent living community. The first community in the U.S. opened in the late 1980s. The concept quickly took hold out of consumers’ distaste for nursing homes and the desire for something offering the services, safety and amenities seniors required while still supporting and encouraging their independence.  

Assisted living recognizes seniors as productive, contributing individuals who deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Moreover, unlike nursing homes, assisted living communities offer private suites and most are equipped with kitchenettes. At communities such as MorningStar of Rio Rancho, meals and transportation are provided, and residents can get help with activities of daily living including bathing, grooming, dressing, transferring, toileting, etc.  Residents feel comforted having the security and safety of 24-hour support, and families’ rest easy knowing that a trained, caring staff is available to help whenever their loved one needs it. 

Residents of MorningStar appreciate the ease of built-in social connections and predictable budgeting as well as activities designed to engage them physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. Amenities include a bistro, theater/chapel, fitness room, library, salon and much more. Throughout our community, you will find inviting areas to sit and have a chat with friends or family or the perfect spot to find some solitude and just enjoy the day.

If you are looking for exceptional senior housing, Rio Rancho NM’s MorningStar community may be the place for you.  If you would like to see if we are a good fit, we offer short-term stays (from one week up to a full month) and respite care for those recovering from an illness or surgical procedure. Please contact us to learn more about our amenities, care services, availability and pricing.   

MorningStar of Rio Rancho proudly provides the very best in assisted living and memory care with our unique mission statement of “to honor, to serve, to invest.” With a foundation built on honoring God, valuing all seniors and selecting staff with a felt calling to serve, we create a true home for residents amid a beautiful setting. Please contact us to learn more about the finest senior housing Rio Rancho, NM has to offer.

Making Your Assisted Living Suite Feel Like Home


We all know that life changes can be fraught with anxiety and fear and moving into assisted living is certainly a major change for many seniors.  However, experts say there are several things families can do to help ease the transition period.   

One of those things is to help your loved one make a comfortable home in their new suite.  Julia Bailey, a senior associate and interior design project manager with Denver-based OZ Architecture, explains that, "Moving into assisted living often can feel like a loss of independence and privacy for your loved one, but thoughtful interior design can go a long way toward improving happiness and well-being for the resident, as well as improving overall functionality of the new living space."  

Ms. Bailey cautions that you need to remember to let your loved one have a say in how their new home will be decorated including the personal mementos and photos they want to bring with them and which ones they want to display.  Triggering happy memories with sentimental items is a big step toward making their new place a real home.  Also, accent pillows and pictures are an easy way to add a lot of color and attractiveness to their place.  

Please keep in mind safety concerns when placing furniture and avoid using area rugs that can become trip hazards or overcrowding a room and not leaving enough space to easily navigate.  Install hand rails where needed and make sure there is easily accessible lighting in the bathrooms and hallways if the person is getting up at night.    

Helping your loved one stay organized can improve the home’s safety as well as the aesthetic.  Consider any mobility issues the person may have and make sure frequently used items are within easy reach on a shelf.  Chairs and sofas should be firm and stable.  

At MorningStar of Rio Rancho, we are committed to provide the best senior housing Rio Rancho, NM offers and invite you to set up a tour to see our beautiful community.  We have 51 private suites for assisted living and another 26 secure suites for those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.  The stylish floor plans of our spacious suites are well-appointed and all that is missing are your own furnishings and personal items.  Also, you will not need to leave behind your furry friend – yes, we are pet friendly!   

MorningStar of Rio Rancho provides the very best in assisted living and memory care with our distinct mission statement of “to honor, to serve, to invest.”  Our foundation is built on honoring God, valuing all seniors and selecting staff with a felt calling to serve to create an atmosphere that promotes a healthy, engaged lifestyle.  Please contact us to learn more about the finest senior housing Rio Rancho has to offer.



Assisted Living at MorningStar of Rio Rancho

MorningStar Rio Rancho-Upper LR2

Seniors often feel like a move to an assisted living community signals the end of their independence, but this is not the case at MorningStar of Rio Rancho. Our goal is to provide the best senior housing Rio Rancho offers, with the services and care needed to give residents the best quality of life. Our beautiful community has 51 private assisted living suites including spacious studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom floorplans.

We recommend families schedule a tour to experience our community firsthand, and we make it easy to do using our Virtual Assistant to set up the day and time. We will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm. However, while a tour is important, please browse through our website and watch the Virtual Tour, read the home page, and take a look at the full list of amenities and floor plans for an overview of our community.

Other informative sections on our website can be found under “First Steps.” We suggest you start with FAQs to get a better understanding of MorningStar and what is offered in our assisted living communities, various resources and care options. You will also find important information on how we determine a resident’s level of care and reassurances regarding our commitment to regularly re-evaluate care plans to keep up with changing needs.  

Our FAQs also give a quick overview of the training our staff receives, which includes an orientation program (and a three-day shadow), Radiance culture training, and Lavender Sky dementia care training.  Our Medication Managers are trained Qualified Medication Administration Persons (QMAP). 

In addition, if you are looking for a new home for an elderly parent, you will appreciate our Decision Guide (also found under the First Steps tab) offering an in-depth discussion on how to decide when the time is right for senior living. You may also want to request our “Senior Life: How to have the best conversation ever with your elder parent,” a practical guide to understanding the psychology of advanced aging. 

Set in a warm, loving atmosphere with beautiful surroundings and resort-style amenities, MorningStar of Rio Rancho provides carefree retirement years with a lifestyle of comfort, wellness and community.   Contact us to see what sets us apart from other senior housing Rio Rancho, NM offers and why our residents are happy to call MorningStar “home.”

Moving a Parent into Assisted Living is Often a Hard Decision


Many adult children feel as if they let their parents down by moving them into an assisted living community. Mom or dad may have even asked years ago that you never put them into a “home,” and at the time, you made the promise; and/or you know families whose adult children have opened their home to their parents. You keep thinking your parents spent years caring for you, and now when they need help, you turn to strangers to provide the care they need. 

Experts explain feelings of guilt are normal and moving a loved one to an assisted living community is probably one of the hardest decisions you will have to make as an adult. However, they quickly add it is important to remember they were not getting the assistance they needed at home. For their safety and wellbeing, they need to move to a place where they will receive the proper care. 

Rather than waste time thinking you have let them down, think of it as giving them a better quality of life where they can safely age in place. Experts say stop comparing yourself to others who may have made different decisions; and most of all to remember “people who don’t help and don’t understand the situation aren’t qualified to make judgments or accusations.” Also, remember your loved one is getting older and chances are their health is not going to improve in the long-run regardless of where they are living. By getting the care they need, assisted living can offer a senior the feeling of independence.  

For exceptional senior housing, Rio Rancho area seniors are encouraged to consider MorningStar of Rio Rancho, a true destination for successful aging.  We provide all the amenities, wellness programs, and care services residents need for their comfort and wellbeing.  Our beautiful community offers 51 bright suites for assisted living in a range of configurations to accommodate residents’ preferences and needs.   In addition, 26 secure suites are devoted to the care of those with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Please visit our website for more information.  

MorningStar of Rio Rancho proudly provides the very best in assisted living and memory care with our unique mission statement “to honor, to serve, to invest.” With a foundation built on honoring God, valuing all seniors and selecting staff with a felt calling to serve, we create a true home for residents amid a beautiful setting. Please contact us to learn more about the finest senior housing Rio Rancho has to offer.

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