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How to Help a Parent Transition to Assisted Living

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No matter how old we are, change can be challenging. For seniors who have had just that much more time to get used to the way things are, a change in the status quo can be difficult. When faced with a change in lifestyle and residence, a person may mourn what they perceive as a loss of their independence and younger self, and the loss of a home filled with a lifetime of memories. However, regardless of how we long to keep things the same, change is a fact of life; and for many seniors, life could be better with a little daily help. 

When mom or dad would benefit from the many services offered by assisted living, there are a few things families can do to help ease the transition. To start with, senior care specialists recommend making the effort to set up mom or dad’s new suite with familiar, well-loved furnishings and mementos rather than buying all new things.

Another important step toward a smooth transition is to give it time. Experts say it generally takes anywhere from three to six months to adjust to community life, but in some cases, residents settle into it quickly. If your parent is one to make a slow adjustment, remember why the move was necessary in the first place including a real concern for their safety and well-being as well as your need for peace of mind. 

Some experts say it may be helpful to limit your visits and phone calls to allow your parents some time to find their own way. Also if they want to vent about how unhappy they are, give them some space to do so. Validating their feelings can help them work through their fears and uncertainty about the changes they are experiencing. 

At MorningStar of San Jose, our team is experienced in helping new residents feel at home and work with both them and their family to help with the transition. We offer assisted living and memory care along with senior care and hospitality services, luxury amenities, and wellness programs and activities designed to enhance quality of life. 

MorningStar’s distinct mission statement: “to honor, to value, to invest” sets us apart from other senior living communities. Please visit our website for more information on senior living in Rio Rancho, NM and ask about our Move-in Specials.    


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