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After a Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease


When a person is told they have Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, it is extremely difficult not only for the individual but the entire family. As it generally comes after the person as well as their family and friends have noticed a marked change in the individual, it is tough to hear but not always a huge surprise. Now the question becomes “what next?”

The National Institute on Aging (NIA) offers families guidance with a list of helpful informative and supportive resources including the Alzheimer’s Association and the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. Check if they have local chapters where you can get in-person support, meet others in your same situation, and get involved in fundraising activities. You can additionally reach out to local community centers and hospitals to find out if they have Alzheimer’s educational programs. 

NIA reminds families to keep up with regular medical checkups as they are important for a person with Alzheimer’s and should include their primary healthcare provider and specialists such as a neurologist, neuropsychiatrist and geriatric psychiatrist. Also ask your medical team if there is a memory disorder clinic nearby. 

Another suggestion is to plan ahead both financially and for long-term care while the person can still have some valuable input. Finally, experts say to make sure you get the proper help to ensure the person’s wellbeing and safety. 

At MorningStar Assisted Living & Memory Care of Happy Valley, we know something about the pain and devastation families go through with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.  Our Reflections Neighborhood is staffed by a dedicated, compassionate team and provides a safe, loving home for seniors suffering from dementia.  If you are looking for trusted seniors living in Happy Valley, OR, please visit our website for more information.

MorningStar of Happy Valley’s mission statement of “to honor, to serve, to invest” sets us apart from other senior living communities. We have built a foundation on honoring God, valuing our seniors and selecting staff with a felt calling to serve. Set in a warm, loving atmosphere with beautiful surroundings and resort-style amenities, we provide outstanding assisted living and memory care. 



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