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Moving a Parent into Assisted Living is Often a Hard Decision


Many adult children feel as if they let their parents down by moving them into an assisted living community. Mom or dad may have even asked years ago that you never put them into a “home,” and at the time, you made the promise; and/or you know families whose adult children have opened their home to their parents. You keep thinking your parents spent years caring for you, and now when they need help, you turn to strangers to provide the care they need. 

Experts explain feelings of guilt are normal and moving a loved one to an assisted living community is probably one of the hardest decisions you will have to make as an adult. However, they quickly add it is important to remember they were not getting the assistance they needed at home. For their safety and wellbeing, they need to move to a place where they will receive the proper care. 

Rather than waste time thinking you have let them down, think of it as giving them a better quality of life where they can safely age in place. Experts say stop comparing yourself to others who may have made different decisions; and most of all to remember “people who don’t help and don’t understand the situation aren’t qualified to make judgments or accusations.” Also, remember your loved one is getting older and chances are their health is not going to improve in the long-run regardless of where they are living. By getting the care they need, assisted living can offer a senior the feeling of independence.  

For exceptional senior housing, Rio Rancho area seniors are encouraged to consider MorningStar of Rio Rancho, a true destination for successful aging.  We provide all the amenities, wellness programs, and care services residents need for their comfort and wellbeing.  Our beautiful community offers 51 bright suites for assisted living in a range of configurations to accommodate residents’ preferences and needs.   In addition, 26 secure suites are devoted to the care of those with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Please visit our website for more information.  

MorningStar of Rio Rancho proudly provides the very best in assisted living and memory care with our unique mission statement “to honor, to serve, to invest.” With a foundation built on honoring God, valuing all seniors and selecting staff with a felt calling to serve, we create a true home for residents amid a beautiful setting. Please contact us to learn more about the finest senior housing Rio Rancho has to offer.



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